{Engaged} Susan & Cameron

Susan and Cameron are no strangers to this blog. I’ve shot their maternity pictures, Avery’s newborn shots, a family session last year, and now – (eee!) their engagement photos! We woke up early and ventured into D.C. to enjoy a beautiful spring morning and see the last of the cherry blossoms (and oh yeah, take a photo or two). I had such a fun morning with them and can’t wait till July for their Colorado wedding!!

2012 in iPhone Review…

2012 was a pretty eventful year! I put together some of my iPhone pictures from throughout the year.

Highlights pictured include… Doggies, 4th grade field trip, Dr. Seuss Day, Getting married in KEY WEST!, Radford, Matching outfits with my mom, JBP#3 in a bus, More doggies, Matching outfits with my mother again, Jess & Eric’s wedding, (and meeting Jerry Seinfeld!), Bluemont, Jerm & Lor’s wedding, Photo booth pictures from my 10 year high school reunion, JBP#3 screaming about the election, Cascade Falls, Fun with the Furtek ladies, and life in general :o)

{Families} The Hatchers | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This family has appeared on my blog before (maternity, and then soon after Miss Avery was born), so they don’t really need an introduction.  Once again, here are the Hatcher’s!  As an added bonus, Avery’s grandparents (and even great-grandpa!) were able to join in the fun on this beautiful fall day! 🙂

{Families} The Andersons | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I went to high school with James (and probably hadn’t seen him since then!), so I was excited when he and his wife asked me to photograph his little girl, Lila. She is so happy and adorable, and she was always on the move and ready for an adventure! James and Kristen, thank you for allowing me to photograph your sweetie! 🙂

What I’ve been up to…

Maaaaaaaaan I’ve been pretty busy and I haven’t been doing many sessions lately (which is sad). However, life has been pretty eventful! Highlights include two different friends having adorable baby girls, being a bridesmaid in Jess and Eric’s wedding, attending my 10 year high school reunion (!!), being a bridesmaid in Jerm and Lor’s wedding, donating about 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love, visiting my brother down in Radford (and going to a Hokies game!), and all the while teaching 4th graders (which hopefully goes without saying – is more than a full time job!). Anywho, just wanted to declare that I am still in fact alive, just busy with life!! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂